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"Putting Things in Their Proper Place"

It’s all started when Bluesville and Voyej took the challenge together to solve the question on how to stay organized through the busy daily life nowadays. Two collaborations in 2012 and 2013 introduced STOW as convenient bags for everyday use, focusing on the function, quality and aesthetic aspects. As the years go by, STOW turns out more than just a bag and a collaboration, but also a platform for both of the brands to explore more of their potential. STOW is their first venture on creating a conceptual storefront created by Bluesville and Voyej, providing exclusive quality products from both of the brands.

Now an approximately 26 square metres-wide store located at The Common House, Panglima Polim, Jakarta Selatan, STOW store is a home for four brands –Bluesville, Voyej, Viél, and Kana- and a channel to introduce newest products and engage more with customers through a dedicated space filled with exclusive products, engaging events and place to hang out and know more about the brands.

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A Man's passion on journey has taken leather goods into human history for centuries. VOYEJ, as a brand, try to revive the history and design it to become your own experience. Through the handmade crafting of leather goods and chosen materials, we bring the design that fits into the present lifestyle. As the leather age, the color becomes more mature. Reveal the heritage as you take VOYEJ with you and you could tell the story yourself later on.

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BLUESVILLE is always about traditional garment making technique, inspired by world cultural heritage and fine clothing such as natural hand dyeing, handwritten batik, and hand weaving using traditional loom. These traditional techniques done by textile artisans in many places of Indonesia result in unique fabrics and clothes that cannot be replicated by modern garment process, rendered in a more modern and relevant forms for an easy everyday wear.

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Viél was officially released as Voyej’s women’s line back in 2012. One urban dictionary defines Viél as ‘greatness beyond all possible comparisons’ and the name Viél was also chosen to symbolize ‘feel’ as something which best described women. Viél products are made from high quality calf skin vegetable tanned leather and stitched neatly using high grade machine to present finest leather goods specially made for ladies.

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KANA is an Indonesia based clothing company founded by Sancaya Rini to fulfill her wish to design a line of sustainable casual clothing for women after several years working on contemporary traditional natural dyed fabric. Each piece of clothing is highly detailed, simple and well-handmade in her own workshop thus result in one of a kind pieces that are unique, beautiful, yet still wearable for daily outfit.

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Reach And Contact Us

COMMON HOUSE // 1st floor
Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 16
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12140
ph: +62 812 9070 8901